The Predictable Profits Playbook Delivers A 3-Component Blueprint For Growth

The following is an interview with entrepreneur Charles Gaudet on his new book, The Predictable Profits Playbook. If you’d like to learn about a no-B.S. blueprint for growth, read on!

What inspired you to write The Predictable Profits Playbook?

Charles-Gaudet-entrepreneur-authorCharles: As a young entrepreneur, I was told that the secret to success was to “work hard” – and that’s what I did. I’d set my alarm for 3:30am so I wouldn’t “oversleep,” and work every waking hour of every day… 7 days a week. I firmly believed no one could work harder than I was working, but regardless of the hours I put into my business, I wasn’t getting where I needed to go fast enough.

Eventually, the long days caught up with me when I was admitted to the emergency room for pain that was shooting up the base of my spine and into my head. The doctor looked at me and said, “Charlie, the cause of this pain is stress, and it’s literally starting to kill you.”

Upon getting home, I faced the realization that if I couldn’t work any harder, I needed to work smarter.

This led to a journey of discovery – studying billionaire and centi-millionaire entrepreneurs, seeking the subtle distinctions that separate the small business owner working 80 hours a week and struggling to make 6-figures a year, and the entrepreneur making 10 times more while working half as many hours.

In my studies, I began to see similarities among the entrepreneurs and companies that dominated their markets – and those who did not. These similarities repeated themselves over and over again, to the point where coincidence was no longer an option. I realized that the biggest difference in a company’s success had to do with the formula they were using to grow. That formula is detailed inside of the book.

Could you give us a quick, high-level summary of your background?

Charles: I’ve been an entrepreneur since the young age of 4, when I was selling artwork to my neighbors, and once bitten by the “entrepreneurial bug,” I’ve continued this journey ever since. I created a business that was nominated “One of the Nation’s Best Seed-Stage Companies” by Ernst & Young and founded my first multi-million dollar business at the age of 24.

Today, I’m considered the top authority in Predictable Profits Marketing. I take the knowledge I’ve discovered through research and experience to grow companies anywhere from 35% – 50% (often more) within a year, using many of the strategies revealed in the book. My company is called Predictable Profits.The Predictable Profits Playbook by Charles Gaudet

Delving into your book now, who would benefit most from this information? [i.e. individuals in which industry, field, etc.]

Charles: B2B and B2C entrepreneurs who have been in business at least 3 years and want to become dominant players in their markets.

What makes your book different from others that cover the same topic?

There are many fantastic books on marketing and growing a business – but most people don’t realize that it’s not just one strategy or one tactic that’s going to make you a leader – it’s a formula. The Predictable Profits Playbook sifts through all those ideas – eliminates all the B.S. – and combines proven methods into a blueprint for growth, revealing actionable strategies, stories, and ideas that you can immediately apply to your business.

What are the most important elements, messages, or takeaways of your book that you’d like readers to know they will benefit from?

Charles: The competitive landscape has changed. It used to be that corporations had all the power. They could create marketing materials and sales messages, and prospects would have no choice but to believe them. The competition was limited to whoever advertised in the Yellow Pages and was within a 20-minute drive.

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