Providing Protection: Web Security Advice For Entrepreneurs

Web Security for EntrepreneursEntrepreneurs can leverage Web-based technology to develop business models that are on par with large companies (and their much larger pools of resources), for a fraction of the cost. Despite its many benefits, however, Web and technology use can attract cybercriminals. Here are some simple Web security processes all entrepreneurs should incorporate to proactively minimize a business’s online vulnerabilities:

Be realistic about your risk

Just 45 percent of small-business owners that responded to a Travelers survey said cybercriminals are a concern, compared to 70 percent of larger businesses. However, as Forbes reports, nearly 20 percent of all cyber attacks hit small businesses with less than 250 employees. Perhaps more importantly, such breaches can prove devastating: Roughly 60 percent of small businesses close within six months of a cyber attack.

Start with the front lines

Despite your best efforts to incorporate firewalls and Web security software into your business’s systems, the innocent actions of your own employees and business partners can make it vulnerable. Instill internal Web security processes, including the use of regularly updated, strong passwords (no pet names, commonly guessed numbers, or Post-it notes with written passwords stuck to computer monitors). Require that employees who use mobile devices to conduct business (even for basic functions, like checking email) install and maintain security software on their device. Mandate protocols for how employees are to report lost or stolen devices used for business, including laptops, mobile devices, VPN tokens, USB drives and Wi-Fi cards.

Know the tricks hackers use

Though security experts recommend either employing an on-staff technology resource, or contracting the services of third-party security experts who can consistently monitor your business systems for potential threats, your knowledge can prove invaluable in proactively protecting your business. Just as you likely had to learn some new skills when you chose to become an entrepreneur, set a few minutes aside each day to [Continue reading]