Relationship Marketing Strategies—How to Develop Quality Relationships with the Right People

Relationship Marketing StrategiesNote: Please enjoy the following article written by guest writer, Mary Ann Keeling.

Business is all about relationships. Having business relationships with the right people instead of with the wrong people can truly make or break you in terms of success. The right people will help you leap to the top like a brand-new trampoline, whereas the wrong people will slowly drag you deeper and deeper into a pit of failure as if you were standing in quicksand.

This article was created to help you better identify the types of business relationships that can be mutually beneficial, how to use relationship marketing strategies without coming off in an obnoxious way, and how to create new relationships with potential customers in real way.

Taking Inventory of Your Business Relationships

Even if you are just starting out in business, you undoubtedly have some relationships already. There are many types, including the relationships you have with your customers, with your suppliers, with your clients, with your accounting firm, with your webhosting company, with the guy who cuts your lawn, and so on and so forth. Some of these relationships are very cut and dry, while others have potential to grow in ways that benefit both parties.

For example if you are starting a [Continue reading]

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