Want To Know How To Be An Entrepreneur? Learn How Without Even Trying!

Are you ready for the world’s first satirical book on entrepreneurship?

This week I was able to connect with Grayson Dearlove and ask him some questions about his new book, How to Be an Entrepreneur without Even Trying. This is truly a unique book and one that currently has no competition in its category—entrepreneurship satire.

Below is my interview with Grayson…

What inspired you to write How to Be an Entrepreneur without Even Trying?

Image of Grayson Dearlove

Grayson Dearlove

Grayson Dearlove: As a late-blooming serial entrepreneur on the east coast, I wanted to write about the silliness of the current ecosystem that has evolved for building high-growth companies with other people’s money. What you read in the popular press about how it’s done is survivorship bias and it has corrupted a generation of entrepreneurs. You read about the outliers because they are outliers, not because they are instructive as the best way to build a successful business from zero. I was tired of hearing one-hit-wonders pontificate at conferences. They all make it sound easy. Thus the title of my book “How to Be an Entrepreneur without Even Trying.” It teaches entrepreneurship by exposing [Continue reading]

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