3 Steps To Creating Your First Business With The Startup Assembly Manual

If you’d like to start your own business but don’t know where to begin—-this book is for you. Below, Kevin Kauzlaric interviews author Tim Freriks about his new book that provides aspiring entrepreneurs with a method for building a business that’s sequential, logical, and realistic.

Kevin: What inspired you to write the Startup Assembly Manual?

tim-freriks-the-startup-assembly-manualTim: I started my first independent business 6 months out of architecture school—I started my own firm.  It didn’t take me long to realize I didn’t want to work for anybody.  I networked and met someone who worked at the JoAnne Fabrics chain and talked him into giving me a shot at the architecture for the mall stores.  Based on that, I left a perfectly good and respectable job and went out on my own. Initially, I worked out of the house, but then moved in with another architect friend.

I realized I wanted more substantial work—and have more control—so I decided to become a developer. The fact that I had no idea how to start and run a development firm didn’t bother me at all.  I figured it out.

After two other business ventures, the first being in flight simulation enhancement software and the second focusing on online training systems, I retired and started to mentor young entrepreneurs.  However, I didn’t have a clear vision of why I succeeded when I did and why I failed when I did. That bothered me and I started researching entrepreneurship. The books I read seemed either academic or written by highly successful businessmen whose idea of “startup” was way different from mine, and not in tune with the average guy with an idea and no clue what to do next.

I collected and analyzed everything from Business Model Generation, Lean Startup and Steve Blank to lesser known books and reworked them into a philosophy that was more sequential, logical, and realistic. It was to be a way to build a real business for real people, a ground-level methodology that could help aspiring entrepreneur understand the actual process of getting started.

Could you give us a quick high-level summary of your background?

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