4 Techniques For Entrepreneurs To Use HootSuite to Effectively Manage Their Social Profiles

Image of HootSuite For EntrepreneursIf you’re building a startup you’re probably familiar with the positive impact that a vibrant social media profile can provide. Having a strong social presence can give instant buzz to your latest company announcement, as well as provide third party validation as to your product or service’s legitimacy when potential customers or partners research your company online. You also know, however, that your primary job is actually building your company, not engaging in the never-ending conversations taking place in social media.

That push and pull begs for a solution where an entrepreneur can spend just a few minutes a day working on social media, but grow a robust profile. Thankfully, there exist a number of pieces of software that help you to accomplish that, and the one I’m discussing is HootSuite. Below are four simple tips for entrepreneurs to effectively and efficiently manage their social profiles with HootSuite:

1. Push Pretty Posts From a Single Interface

The first technique for effectively using HootSuite is also the most obvious. HootSuite allows you to load the login details of multiple social media sites into your account. The first three are available with their free plan. The way I have my account setup, is that I have Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ all loaded into HootSuite. This means that I can log in to a single place, compose a post, and push it out to all or only some of the three social media platforms. HootSuite automatically tells me if I’ve used too many characters for a Tweet, and cleans up the formatting for Google+ and facebook posts, so that they look more professional.

None of this is difficult to do via an individual social media’s platform, but by running them all through HootSuite, I’m able to [Continue reading]

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