Want To Meet Entrepreneurs While Traveling? Anders Hasselstrøm Explains How To In This Q&A

Do you travel as an entrepreneur and wish you could easily meet local entrepreneurs?

We interviewed entrepreneur Anders Hasselstrøm about his team’s solution called Startuptravels. Below, Anders provides some interesting insights about how his team went about creating their service and what it means to have an entrepreneurial mindset. Hope you enjoy!

Anders, what inspired you and your team to create Startuptravels?

Startuptravels.comStartuptravels was started because all members of the founding team have experienced the challenge of meeting local entrepreneurs while traveling. We have been traveling a lot and when you are a foreigner in a new city it can be a challenge to find the local startup scene and the local likeminded entrepreneurs. We wanted to make it easier for people to find and connect with [Continue reading]

A Digital Marketing and Measurement Model for an eCommerce Company

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After a five month absence from writing, I'm finally back to adding content around innovation and developing an entrepreneurial mindset. My wife and I made a permanent move from Boston to Chicago and this has been the focus of my time for the past … [Continue reading]